Am Bìobull Naomh (The Holy Bible)

Am Bìobull Naomh

The Old and New Testament
26 March 2016
Hardback & eBook
£65.00 (£9.99 as eBook) | Available
ISBN 9781907165191 (eBook 9781907165092)

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This is a re-publication of the 1902 SSPCK Gaelic Bible and the translation of the Apocrypha (1860) by the Rev. Alasdair MacGregor in a single publication - as an eBook and a lectern Bible.

This edition has been edited with a light hand, with the following overall changes:
1) Typos have been cleaned up
2) Some very archaic words and spellings have been amended, for example sè » sia, faghail » faotuinn, a ta » a tha, fein » fhéin, so » seo.
3) The homograph ceud has been split into ceud and ciad as appropriate
4) Some of the internally irregular spellings contained in the original publications have been aligned
5) Accents have been put on capital letters

Otherwise, this edition is largely identical to the originals.