Blas na Gàidhlig

The Practical Guide to Gaelic Pronunciation
Michael Bauer | 31st March 2011
£35.00 | Available
ISBN 9781907165009

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This book tackles the thorny issue of Scottish Gaelic pronunciation in an engaging and clear manner without loosing track of the bigger picture and the fine detail. It was written with three main reader groups in mind:

- adult learners of Gaelic (from total beginner up to highly advanced learners who want to improve their pronunciation and comprehension skills)

- teachers and tutors of Gaelic who wish to become more effective in teaching pronunciation to adult learners of the language and schoolchildren who have no Gaelic at home

- native speakers of the language who wish to gain a better understanding of how their language works.

It assumes no prior knowledge and takes the reader on a complete journey through the marvels of the Gaelic sound system. It comes with over 120 sets of exercises, numerous sound files (see below), both technical and entertaining illustrations and a recipe for some Christmas baking.

No single solution will ever exist which will solve all the problems facing the learners of Gaelic when it comes to pronunciation but, without doubt, this book will help learners and teachers of the language take a large step forwards.

Below you can find the PDF files which contain the sound files. We had initially considered making a CD or DVD but there are so many sound files that you'd just go nuts pressing the Forward button, so we decided on integrating the sound files into PDFs.

You can download them as many times as you want but we recommend saving them onto your own hard drive. You will need a program that can open PDF files, for example PDFCreator, Foxit or Acrobat Reader. If the program asks you if you wish to trust the document, you will have to consent before the sound will play.

Mac Users: Please note that some Mac systems have a problem with playing sound which has been integrated into PDFs which we have no control over. The problem may resolve itself if you open the PDF via the Finder (as opposed to the in-browser PDF viewer).
Failing that, this workaround seems to have worked for some users:
1. Download a PDF and open the file via the Finder.
2. Click on a Play button. The sound file will not play but you should see a message saying some features have been disabled for security reasons.
3. Click the Options tag to the right of this message. You will be asked whether you want to trust this document (Once or Always). Choose Always and the sound files should now play.
As there are several separate downloads, the procedure has to be repeated for each. Provided you chose Always trust then the sound should enabled permanently.

It may we worth your while trying alternative PDF readers too. We have been told by one user that Readdle’s PDF Expert (version 6 and later) is capable of playing the sound as intended.

If this also does not work either, please use the mp3 files (below). We're sorry about the inconvenience but we have not been able to find a fix for this that we can implement on our side.

Sound files for pages 001-078 | Sound files for pages 079-159
Sound files for pages 160-165 | Sound files for pages 166-186
Sound files for pages 187-215 | Sound files for pages 216-241
Sound files for pages 242-268 | Sound files for pages 269-292
Sound files for pages 293-302 | Sound files for pages 303-322
Sound files for pages 323-345 | Sound files for pages 346-361
Sound files for pages 362-385 | Sound files for pages 456-478

If you want the plain mp3 files, then download the following and then unzip:

The mp3 files 001-150 | The mp3 files 151-300
The mp3 files 301-450 | The mp3 files 451-553

We have also prepared a printable version of the Guide to Reading Gaelic:
The Full Guide (with the examples)
The Concise Guide (just the rules without the example)